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Report: Jerry Falwell Jr. Benefited Personally From Liberty University Real Estate Dealings

According to the Reuters report, Fallwell intertwined his personal finances with those of Liberty starting in 2001, when he was working as a lawyer handling the school’s real estate.

That year, and again in 2005, Falwell engaged in two deals as a private businessman involving Liberty University-owned lands: first, buying an undeveloped parcel of land from the university through a private company he partially owned and then developing it into a strip mall before selling it for eight times the price five years later, then joining another Falwell-operated company with a university nonprofit affiliate to sell land to a company controlled by his real estate partner.

These real estate transactions continued after Falwell took over as president in 2007; in 2012, Falwell announced the university would pay $2.2 million to construct a pedestrian tunnel from the campus to a nearby shopping plaza—Falwell partially owned the shopping plaza

Falwell also helped his personal fitness trainer, a 23-year-old recent Liberty University graduate, obtain an 18-acre sports and fitness facility on former Liberty University property and hired the construction company of long-time friend Robert Moon to work on a sweeping expansion of Liberty’s campus (Moon’s company received $64 million from the school in 2017).




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