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Liberty University leadership not taking direction, orders from Jerry Falwell, Jr.

The General Counsel at Liberty University sent a message on behalf of acting President Jerry Prevo to staff members with regard to contact with Jerry Falwell, Jr.

According to the message, the university became aware that several employees were contacted in the past several days by Falwell.

You can read the full message sent to Liberty University staff from General Counsel below:

“Jerry Prevo asked me to pass along the following message:

It has come to our attention that various staff members have been contacted by Jerry Falwell, Jr. over the past several days. Some of these calls have been uncomfortable. It is reported by at least one news reporter that Mr. Falwell has claimed to be in constant communication with University leadership and is assisting in running the University. This impression is not well received by our supporters who do not want Mr. Falwell to be running Liberty University behind the scenes.

Any advice or background information needed by Liberty University from Jerry Falwell must come through Jerry Prevo. We are not to be providing information about the University to Mr. Falwell, taking direction or orders about the University from Mr. Falwell, performing any tasks for Mr. Falwell on University time, or using University resources to provide favors to Mr. Falwell. The same goes for any of the University’s affiliate entities. If you are uncomfortable taking a call or engaging in other types of communications with Mr. Falwell, you are free to decline to do so and you are also free to refer them to Jerry Prevo.

Please pass this message along to your executive assistants and other employees who report to you who would need to know this information because they are in a position to receive such a communication.”




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