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Spirit Airlines Partners with Liberty University to Expand Pilot Pipeline

Spirit Airlines has announced a partnership with Liberty University to launch the Spirit Wings Pilot Pathway program at the university’s School of Aeronautics in Lynchburg, Virginia. This collaboration is part of Spirit Airlines’ efforts to expand its pool of professional pilots. Liberty University becomes the 10th partner in this program, offering students a fast track to becoming a Spirit First Officer.

Under the program, Liberty University students pursuing aviation degrees can apply after completing their sophomore year and receiving a faculty recommendation. If successful in Spirit’s interview process, they will receive a conditional job offer, along with equipment and mentorship as they complete their degree and gain flight hours. After meeting specific requirements, they will undergo further training and join Spirit Airlines as First Officers.

This partnership aims to provide graduates with a direct pathway to a career with Spirit Airlines, offering opportunities to fly modern aircraft to various destinations. Spirit’s pilots have recently approved a contract with improved pay and benefits, making this an appealing opportunity for aspiring pilots at Liberty University.




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