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Liberty University Residential classes are set to begin on Aug. 23 and resume normal operation for the fall 2021 semester

Liberty University President Jerry Prevo announced this week that the university plans to return to normal campus operations during the fall 2021 semester.

Residential classes are set to begin on Aug. 23.

“As our leadership teams plan for the 2021-22 academic year, we want to share some joyful news: Liberty plans for a return to normal operation, as things were pre-pandemic,” Prevo said. “With national and state data showing suppression of the spread of the virus, we are encouraged, foremost, that our prayers are being answered. If the data continues on this positive trajectory, and as local and state guidelines continue to be lifted, our campus will welcome students back in the fall — and we will do so without restrictions.”

“We have a solid, dedicated team whose job is to make sure our students have all the resources they need to thrive in their educational pursuits, and that includes a safe learning environment,” Prevo said. “Even when the current protocols are no longer in place, we will still be encouraging the campus community to form healthy habits and look out for the health and safety of others.”




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