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Dean at Liberty University outlines focus of Falkirk Center Freedom Summit in D.C.

The Freedom Summit, which focuses on the relationship between the U.S. and China, began in Washington, D.C. this week. It was hosted by the Falkirk Center.


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The Freedom summit kicks off in Washington DC this week led by Liberty University and the Falkirk center, and focuses on the US relationship with China, among other topics. Here’s one America’s Jack Posobiec.

Jack Posobiec
Alright, we’re very excited to be here One American News. We’ve got Dave Brat, the Dean of the School of Business at Liberty U. And we’re also here with the fall Kirk center. They’re holding the freedom summit. You’re also of course, a former congressman from the state of Virginia. They have thank you so much for being here with us,

Dave Brat
Jack, great to be on One America

Jack Posobiec
Now tell me what is the purpose of the Freedom summit? Why are you holding it now?

Dave Brat
Yeah, well, China is the biggest existential threat to this country going forward for the next decade or two, it will inform all of our students lives going forward. On the educational front, or on the political front. It’s issue number one. And we kind of have one premise on which everything else hangs. And that is think six months ago, you were watching sporting events going out to eat going to Check it out your family life was good. The virus came from China from Wu Han. And the question is did they send it? And I think the answer is there. Yes. The answer is yes. There’s intent. They sent us the virus. How do we know that they shut down all travel in muon they shut down all travel to their capital, Beijing. But they unleashed 400,000 flights people leaving for Milan, Italy for New York City for San Francisco intentionally. They deceived us when it came to their reporting on person to person contact. They deceived us on who and their work with them the World Health Organization. And so everything hangs on that premise. If they sent us the virus, then they are morally responsible for the 40 million Americans that have lost their job. The hundreds of thousands that will die globally due to this virus. The health concerns the downsizing of businesses, the bankruptcy of small businesses, and just Every single piece of this unpleasantness has been delivered to you by the Chinese CCP, not the Chinese people. We are doing this conference because we think 1.4 billion Chinese are created in the image of God. And we want to liberate them so they can have a taste of freedom, and they will have the freedom to follow their faith. But what sort of programs are going on here at the freedom summit that Yeah, yet we had forums with the US senators, Senator Cotton’s and marsha blackburn. Both have been out from China, Jim banks and Crenshaw Congressman, the Freedom Caucus. We had 14 congressmen show up for a press event yesterday. And then we have other seminars today, Charlie Kirk taking on freedom of thought on American campuses, the Marxist influence through the faculty and the leftist faculty on university campuses around here. We’re going to have a weaponizing your investment thing with Kevin Freeman and economic war room. Steve Bannon has been here. He’s been The impetus behind a lot of this pressure on China. He’s had his show War Room pandemic.

Jack Posobiec
But let me ask you this. Yeah. Did you ever think that at this point in your life in your lifetime that the single largest threat would be the spread of Neo Marxist ideology, both from China and throughout the West?

Dave Brat
No, no. And I’m an academic. I mean, I’ve seen it coming. But I never could have anticipated that it would reach warp speed in my lifetime right

Jack Posobiec
now. Where can people go to follow the summit, get all the videos, everything else,

Dave Brat
just go to a ball Curt Center at Liberty University and follow Kirk, Facebook, and you’ll be able to livestream everything that’s going on in here. And then we’ll have news at the Bulker guy and we’re making a documentary to capture the essence of what we’ve done over the last couple of days here. All right, Dave, Brad, Dean, Brad,

Jack Posobiec
thank you very much.

Dave Brat
Okay, appreciate it. Thank you

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