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BOOK: A LU Graduate bids Farewell to Falwell and Hello to Atheism

Over the last decade, celebrity atheists have become best-sellers for their work criticizing religion and advocating reason over faith. When Liberty University student Tim Short was challenged to read these authors in their own words and develop a counter argument–something unexpected happened…

Short, a lifelong homeschooler and son of a Baptist minister became an atheist. The experiment was seen by Liberty as a big failure–but a wonderful time of personal growth for Tim. As if becoming an atheist were not tumultous enough for a college student, Tim’s life spiraled out of control in the next three years and he experienced the cold shoulder of the Right. All his life he was destined to be a good ol’ boy, a preacher boy. He would have his own church and thrive in the narrow margins of his worldview.


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  1. Tim Tim

    If anyone cares, I would be willing to come to Liberty at my own expense and debate ANY student or professor about ANYTHING in this book. No exceptions.  I might even learn something.  🙂   Let me know by emailing me   
    @gmail:disqus    Lots of love to my old alma mater.  Peace  ,  TIMOTHY M SHORT

  2. Ralphyboy Ralphyboy

    Apparently nobody cares, Tim. Peace back at ya.

  3. itsallaboutJesus itsallaboutJesus

    Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

    The debate is over. Jesus is King.

  4. Billy Turner Billy Turner

    I am your Huckleberry Tim…and Debate is just my game. Let’s dance!

    Billy Turner
    MA Christian Leadership
    Liberty University

  5. Here Here

    Your book sucks. Tim. Maybe you should’ve spent a little more time in those writing skill classes?

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