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Fall Convocation Schedule 2011

AUG-18 Freshman Convocation – Johnnie Moore
AUG-24 Elmer Towns
AUG-26 Vernon Brewer
AUG-29 Jon Acuff
AUG-31 Jonathan Falwell
SEP-2 Chip Ingram
SEP-5 Clayton King (Spiritual Emphasis Week)
SEP-7 Clayton King (Spiritual Emphasis Week)
SEP-9 David Barton
SEP-12 Ryan Rush
SEP-14 Rick Perry
SEP-16 Thom Ranier
SEP-19 Rick Warren – T (Missions Emphasis Week)
SEP-21 Gracia Burnham
SEP-23 To Be Announced
SEP-26 Eric Metaxas
SEP-28 Michelle Bachmann
SEP-30 Ed Hindson
OCT-3 Phil Vischer
OCT-5 Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar
OCT-7 NO CONVO – Fall Break
OCT-10 Karen Kingsbury
OCT-12 Steven Furtick
OCT-14 To Be Announced
OCT-17 Ted Cunningham
OCT-19 Ben Gutierrez
OCT-21 Jason Frenn
OCT-24 Phil Cooke
OCT-26 John Townsend
OCT-28 Joe White
OCT-31 Andy Andrews
NOV-2 Matthew Barnett
NOV-4 Bob Coy
NOV-7 Jason Russell, Alex and Brett Harris
NOV-9 Jerry Boykin
NOV-11 Ralph Winter
NOV-14 Francis Chan
NOV-16 Jim Garlow
NOV-18 Prayer Service
NOV-21 NO CONVO – Thanksgiving Break
NOV-23 NO CONVO – Thanksgiving Break
NOV-25 NO CONVO – Thanksgiving Break
NOV-28 Derwin Gray
NOV-30 Jud Wilhite
DEC-2 Brad Stine
DEC-5 Palmer Chinchen
DEC-7 To Be Announced
DEC-8 Christmas Convocation



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