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Jerry Jr. battles Jonathan, Liberty University amid trademark lawsuit

Jerry Falwell Jr. is embroiled in a legal battle with Liberty University and its president, Jerry Prevo, over alleged infringement on the trademark and intellectual property rights of the Dr. Jerry L. Falwell Family Trust. The dispute involves Jerry’s brother, Jonathan Falwell, who is a co-trustee accused of breaching duties related to protecting the Falwell Intellectual Property. Recent court documents reveal a struggle for control over the Family Trust. Liberty University and Jerry Prevo filed a “Motion to Dismiss,” claiming Falwell Jr. lacks standing and that the Family Trust no longer owns the intellectual property in question. The legal complexities involve allegations of conflicts of interest, breaches of fiduciary duty, and the potential damage to the Trust’s core trademark assets. Jerry seeks a court declaration voiding Jonathan’s actions related to the Trust’s intellectual property. The legal saga continues with various motions and counterarguments.




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