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Liberty University to build new center honoring founder Jerry Falwell Sr.

Construction is about to start on a new center to honor the founder of Liberty University.

Officials at the university say the new center, “Jerry Falwell Center: Inspiring Champions for Christ” will share the story of his life as well as his impact.

“There is much to learn from our founder’s life. He always inspired students to be Champions for Christ wherever God was leading them. We are seeing his mighty vision fulfilled every day at Liberty University, and this center will help ensure that we do not waver from our original mission or succumb to the external pressures of leftism. Jerry Falwell always stood his ground, and he stood unapologetically on the Word of God. Looking to his life as an example, the university will remain committed to the Gospel. This center will keep us on track for the next 50 years.” – Jerry Prevo, Liberty University President




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