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Liberty University is adding ALSIM simulator to School of Aeronautics

Liberty University is adding a new tech toy to its curriculum. The university purchased its first ALSIM ALX simulator for the School of Aeronautics (LUSOA).

Liberty bought the simulator in late June and will be at the school’s simulator center during the first week of August.

This device will allow students to learn to fly in different types of simulated planes such as a single-engine piston, similar to a Cessna 172 to a medium jet similar to an Airbus 320. Depending on the student’s skill set, the simulator offers a multitude of flight training services for those who are just learning to more advanced jet orientation training.

“We have been engaged with the professional and welcoming Liberty staff for many years,” said Dr. Scott Firsing of ALSIM’s North America office. “During this time, many of their FTAs like Cirrus Aviation, Paragon Flight Training, and Lanier Flight Center have purchased ALSIM devices. Together we share common goals of making a difference in the aerospace community and providing pilots with the most advanced and realistic training tools available.”




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