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Caner cleans out office and leaves school?

Several sources are confirming that Ergun Caner cleaned out his office and is leaving the school for good. Its not certain if he’s moving to a smaller office or he’s just leaving the school for good. But what my sources understand is that he’s leaving for good. DEVELOPING…




  1. Christopher Greenwood Christopher Greenwood

    If you want to go to a good Baptist College I would go to SBTS in Loisville, Dr Mohler would never tolerate any of that nonsense

  2. KyleinWI KyleinWI

    I love that shirt, LOL, just great!

    “I debated Ergun Caner in NE!”
    D. Kyle Christner

  3. Scouttfinch Scouttfinch

    It’s one thing to demote a guy, but making him move to a smaller office is just plain mean!

  4. Lucas Lucas

    I walked by the apologetics department of the seminary earlier today and the whole department is out of that section. It really is hard to tell what is going on.

  5. It was mentioned in the last post

  6. LibertyFan2 LibertyFan2

    An unfortunate story for Liberty University.
    This whole debacle is bad for Liberty.
    Ergun Caner does not add to the credibility of Liberty University.

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