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Caner’s Publishers stickin’ with him

Kregel Publications and Harvest House Publishers have no plans to pull titles written by Ergun Caner.

Statement from Kregel Publications:

“Kregel Publications has concluded that the Kregel titles by Dr. Caner are trustworthy, factually accurate, and helpful to both Christians and seekers wanting to know more about Islamic beliefs and how those beliefs compare and contrast with biblical Christianity,”

Harvest House Publishers, which published his The Popular Encyclopedia of Apologetics, co-authored with Liberty University’s Ed Hindson, stated: “We are saddened by the controversy that has risen as a result of the self-contradictory statements made by Ergun Caner over the years. And, we are concerned that the allegations surrounding his statements have not yet been adequately addressed by him, and we are hopeful that he will personally respond to them soon.”




  1. Andrew Andrew

    Well, I'm not sure what I think about this. I've heard that there are a number of inaccuracies in the book–though I cannot personally attest to them (I really would not know). We'll see I guess.

  2. Hw Hw

    Dr. Ergun Caner's books that I have read contain NO “misstatements” or “factual errors” that Liberty University's recently-concluded-investigation found in his sermons and interviews. There are some inaccuracies in citations of Hadith in Unveiling Islam, but these are trivial and the publishers are aware of them. These inaccuracies are not grounds to pull Unveiling Islam or any of his books with similar inaccuracies from the market.

  3. radiofreegeneva radiofreegeneva

    The problem I have is in the authority on which the Caner's published these books. They market the books as if the Caners were raised in the Middle East the whole lives and therefore saw radical Islam firsthand. They weren't raised in Turkey or anywhere else in the middle east. They were raised in central Ohio. As a person who lives 15 minutes away from their former hometown, I can say I haven't come accross too many radicals walking around looking for something to bomb. The Caners have no more authority on the subject than a white man who studies Islam in college.

  4. Iamoroge Iamoroge

    there are numerous problems in this man’s books and sermons and it’s a very big shame that people still back such a blatant charlatan.

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