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Liberty University announced today that it found that Caner has made “factual statements that are self-contradictory” concerning “dates, names and places of residence.“ The statements included his description of being raised as a Muslim in Turkey, when documents indicate he moved to the United States at the age of 4.

Supposedly his contract was up on June 30th, and will not be renewed to be dean. But he’ll remain as faculty.

Here’s LU’s statement:

After a thorough and exhaustive review of Dr. Ergun Caner’s public statements, a committee consisting of four members of Liberty University’s Board of Trustees has concluded that Dr. Caner has made factual statements that are self-contradictory. However, the committee found no evidence to suggest that Dr. Caner was not a Muslim who converted to Christianity as a teenager, but, instead, found discrepancies related to matters such as dates, names and places of residence. Dr. Caner has cooperated with the board committee and has apologized for the discrepancies and misstatements that led to this review. Dr. Caner’s current contractual term as Dean of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary expires on June, 30, 2010. Dr. Caner will no longer serve as Dean of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. The university has offered, and Dr. Caner has accepted, an employment contract for the 2010-2011 academic year. Dr. Caner will remain on the faculty of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary as a professor.




  1. The story about the adulterous woman, to paraphrase Dr. Dan Wallace, is the greatest story that was never in the Bible. Read your marginal notes…

    Church leaders must be held to a higher standard. God states he will hold them to a higher standard on judgement day. This was not a one time oops I made a mistake. This was a pattern of lies over almost 9 years repeated many different times in different venues.

    Read Liberty's statement first….they really said nothing. Ergun Caner has not said anything. There is nothing that has been said by Liberty of Caner that resembles an admission of sin on the part of Ergun Caner.

    Where is Thomas Road Baptist Church in all this? One of their pastor's has been lying for many years now. What are they going to do? The church should be the final authority or do they have such little regard for the church these days?

    I am betting that Dr. Caner will never come out and confess all that he has lied about to the church and LU. I do not see any true repentance on his part ever coming out. I truly hope I am wrong on this point. The confession must come before ANY forgiveness can be made.

    Yes, we are commanded to make righteousness judgements. With all the evidence we have seen it is a righteousness judgement that Dr. Caner has lying to many people for many years.

  2. Willfredfly Willfredfly

    It is starting to sound like the Roman Catholic cover ups…Christianity is not a business but a truth proclaiming , Not editing as James White said…ministry. Pretty obvious to me a little guy in the pond.. I wouldn't step near that U. The WHOLE world of the Lost is wicked.

  3. Willfredfly Willfredfly

    He is a mooslem in a Christian garb…crept in unaware of all those who should be watchman on the wall….what happened here??? sounds like the D.C. mess.

  4. Willfredfly Willfredfly

    I believe this has been an ongoing conspiracy for a long time…Mu slimes want to rule the US and will use any pernicious means available….Decernment is needed here and everywhere.

  5. buz buz





    They can't “just trust God to provide” money to keep their school operating, because they know that God sees through their PHONY spirituality. So they have to do and/or say whatever they have to to keep the dollar$ rolling in. They're doing this “in their own strength,” not by the blessing of God. Because they're not “walking in truth and love in the Holy Spirit.” They never have. Jerry Sr. lied and made outrageous statements to the national media whenever it $erved hi$ purpo$e financially, then apologized. He used to say, “You get farther that way.” I heard him say this with my own ears in a private setting.

  6. Mosco1 Mosco1

    Lucas – are you not “judging” me – you can't even be consistent with your own standards and dont even seem to understand the arguments – so answer this:

    You rightly cite scripture verses on forgivness for sin (i.e. lying) – I agree with you in this regard BUT now show me, from the scriptures where there is also WHOLESALE INDEMNITY from CONSEQUENCES of sin (i.e. lying)…. – book,chapter,& verse please

    You clearly dont know what you are talking about

  7. Mosco Mosco

    Again Lucas – for the person who is striding the moral high ground and throwing all the scripture on not judging and forgiveness around, you are clearly inconsistent with your own standards – example “You shouldn't even be calling yourself Christian”

  8. Katherine Katherine

    Lucas…. let's start over. I'm Katherine and I'm pleased to meet you. I'd like you to think about the context of the Pharisees bringing in an adulterous woman to Jesus to see if he would condemn her according to the law. The scripture clearly says that they were TESTING Jesus, attempting to entrap him so they could charge him for some heresy against the Jewish law. Jesus pointed out that there was not a single one of them who had not sinned…. much the way things are with all of us.

    Here is the difference in the context, Paul had just instructed the people about how to deal wth UNbelievers who were immoral. Then he goes on to to instruct them on how to deal with people WITHIN the brotherhood of Christians when they behaved immorally, were swindlers, drunkards, idolaters, revilers. Paul's words “Is it not those inside the church whom you are to judge? God judges those outside”. “Purge the evil person from among you”.

    Of course each believer has the opportunity to repent, ask for forgiveness and seek restoration and scripture even describes the steps that should be taken to bring a believer back into the fold.

    So here is the deal: Caner let this fester for months and months. He damaged his family (and make no mistake about it, Emir, will be next), he let down thousands of LU students and their parents. He turned his life into a sideshow circus instead of demonstrating that Christians do still sin and that we should repent. Instead he showed the entire world, that Christians are still the hypocrits they have always thought we were (are). He capitalized on the tragedy and the loss of thousands of human lives by lying about being trained to be a jihadist… but he sure sold a lot of books. He behaved in a heinous manner. He should publicly apologize, ask for our forgiveness and covet our prayers. He should also step down from LU in any capacity.

    There is a place for his forgiveness and I will gladly extend mine to him. But honestly, so far, I've not heard a word out of his mouth that demostrates that he realizes just how badly he behaved. If he does not learn the lesson this time, he'll likely backslide. I hope that doesn't happen.

    Yes… we all still sin. Was it not Paul who said he did not do that which he should, but did do, that which he shouldn't. Sin is a battle we all fight. But Christians should immediately recognize it and repent along with taking steps to help avoid those same sins chronically.

    Blessings to you.

  9. Lucas Keiser Lucas Keiser

    Let me try this again. I did not word things in the fashion in which I meant.

    By the standard that these comments appear, no one would dare confess a sin for fear of being executed. And it is by that standard that I meant, “you shouldn't even be calling yourself Christian.”

    I also find the standard that is set forth for church leadership being applied. While it is true that Liberty University is Christ focused, it is still an educational institution with both non-Christians and Christians in attendance.

    While what Caner has done is detestable, he is still a Christian. And we must respond in love; not denying the consequences of his sin, but still in love. Is the consequence of lying being burned at the stake?

    From what I have read, he has apologized. No, it was not done publicly and I believe it should be. But to the best of my knowledge that would just be a cultural standard not a biblical one.

    While certain parts of his testimony were embellished upon to make it grander, that doesn't mean that his teaching is full of lies.

    With all of that being said, I am nervous about learning from him. He has lost credibility much like Mike Warnke in the late 90s. His ministry is tarnished.

    The interesting thing is that none of us were part of the committee and none of us reviewed the evidence. All we get is the media aspect of it. I don't think that us, being so far removed from the decision making process have a right to say how it should or should not be handled.

    Most importantly how would you want to be treated if you were the one on trial? Would you want those who you call “brother” to be in the mob throwing stones or would you want them to stand by you, hold you accountable, and be your family?

    “Brothers, if someone is caught in a sin, you who are spiritual should restore him gently. But watch yourself, or you also may be tempted. Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. If anyone thinks he is something when he is nothing, he deceives himself. Each one should test his own actions. Then he can take pride in himself, without comparing himself to somebody else, for each one should carry his own load. Anyone who receives instruction in the word must share all good things with his instructor. Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. The one who sows to please his sinful nature, from that nature will reap destruction; the one who sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life. Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.” – Galatians 6:1-10

  10. thisguy thisguy

    What are you talking about? He religious upbringing did not “creep in”. That was his story coming in, that he was a muslim who converted to Christianity. He's written books and preached many a sermon on why Islam is false and Christianity is true. The story here is that his dates on when he converted and when he was actually in Turkey were lied about. Not sure how any of this has to do with God judging the country… please enlighten us.

  11. for Him alone for Him alone

    Caner is a personal friend of mine, and I fully agree that what he did was wrong. I do think that he should be punished for his actions. However, to say that he is held to the standards of a pastor is ludicrous. He is not a pastor. He is a professor, and was, a dean and president. How many teachers have lied before? Too many to count. Were they punished? Not all. But are we the ones who should decide punishment? No. We're only given bits and pieces of the whole truth by a media that is biased. Only the committee that has reviewed all of the evidence has the right to punish him – as THEY see fit. Removing him as president and dean may not seem harsh to you, but I assure you, it is tearing him to pieces. His apology does not need to be public – the media has already made it that. He apologized for his actions, and I believe was sincere. We are to help Christians in their struggles, not condemn. We shouldn't judge with unforgiveness and anger, unless we want the same from God. We're to follow Christ example – giving grace, and leading to restoration. That includes a time of correction, which I believe he is receiving. To pray that a University become empty because of one man's sin is sin itself. Let me ask you this question: were you to be caught in a public lie, would you ask that others pray for the fall of the business you work for? I hope not. LU is a business, as all universities are. It just happens to have religion at it's core. That does not make it a church. And as such, the leaders there should not be held to the standards Paul gives in 1 Timothy 3. I, in fact, am a pastor, and I can honestly say that I fall short of the standards I am to hold myself to. Does that mean I should resign? No. Paul himself said he failed to what was right and constantly found himself sinning. The point is not perfection. The point is striving for for it. We're all going to fall short time and time again. But are going to help those who fall next to us, or judge them for tripping over us while we were down?

  12. Ihavenotsinned! Ihavenotsinned!

    In his apology, he stated that he did not intentionally mislead anyone. As you know, that is itself a lie.

    To date, Ergun “Mehmet” Caner has not apologized publicly for intentionally misleading others with his fabricated testimony.

    Until he apologizes, or until LU removes him as professor, LU's credibility and integrity has been tarnished.

  13. buz buz

    You still don't get it, do you, “pastor?” Your seminary president's lying posture spanned many years, until he was exposed. How could Caner claim to be in right relationship with the Lord when every day of his life was a charade? I mean, come on, he made a decision every day for years to keep the lies in place. Every day. Every day he somehow managed to end his personal prayer time with Jesus without having been convicted by the Holy Spirit to end his lies. Every day. For years. You believe his apology was sincere? Listen up, dude, if not for the media his lies would still be in place and it would be just fine with him. And the Falwell klan was likewise perfectly willing to let it all slide, until the national media pulled back the curtain for the whole world to see. The Falwells played us for fools for as long as they thought they could get away with it. That doesn't sound Spirit-filled to me.

  14. buz buz

    CLARIFICATION: LU “footballers” means members of LU's football team.

  15. Many of his lies came while he was in the pulpit. That's a pastor, buddy.

  16. Ptrpmsc Ptrpmsc

    I only hope that Dr. Caner will, out of this experience, grow and become the example we all are to be. I am surprised by the attack mentality of some of the comments by “professing believers” toward Dr. Caner. He was wrong in what he did and it has cost him and now we are to love him and work toward restoring him. We must not batter and belittle and wish for additional insult and enjoy it as it seems some comments are leaning. Restoration and healing is our duty not condemnation.

  17. Biblically, doesn't a sinner have to repent before they can be restored? Paul admonished the church in Corinth for not disciplining an unrepentant sinner (1 Corinthians 5) and then he had to admonish the Corinthians again for not restoring the same sinner after he had repented (2 Corinthians 2). In order to be restored, Dr. Caner must first come to a place of repentance.

  18. rwohner rwohner

    @Pinecone congrats on becoming a christian that is great… However, as Christians and as a school that VERY publicly displays and shares it christian views to the world they need to realize that they are on display for the rest of the world. How are they going to teach that no sin is different in God's eyes but you kick out a girl for getting pregnant, but you keep the President of your Pastoral Training Center (Seminary) after he lies. How is that school going to teach me that God is against lying and homosexuality but only get rid of the Homosexuals from the school but not the liars… this is still politics… they are reducing their reputation in the public arena by not calling lying what it is and not having a proper standard of punishment.

  19. Mosco Mosco

    I will have more appreciation for what you have said here when it is clear that Dr Caner's aspirations for attention give way to what he was actually employed to do.

    Notwithstanding this incident Dr Caners pattern of behaviour and conduct has been anything but encouraging. He appears to thrive on the applause and screaming he is accustomed to when he walks on stage in southern baptist environments. He participates in public spectacles to draw attention like being zapped by a tazer on stage at a ministry event and has the cheek of running down others for conducting themselves in ministry events in a manner akin to the Jerry springer show??

    He has a big mouth towards other Christians he has theological differences with (i.e. the “myopic reformed folks”) – yet when challenenged to public debate his tail goes between his legs like scared puppy – he is about as genuine as a nine dollar note.

    Removing any show pony from a place of prominence is devistating, at least for the show pony….

    Call me what you like – I live on the other side of world – Im not a “stake holder” in any friendships with famous christian personalities and “business” like universities with a bit of a christian mission statement. What I do know is my Iranian next door neighbour who delivers fresh bread for a living now knows the name of some “WORLD FAMOUS” christian academic called Ergun “Butch” or “Mehmet” (depending on the audience) Caner – that knows about as much about islam as George W Bush.

  20. Mosco Mosco

    The answer to your question (“Biblically, doesn't a sinner have to repent before they can be restored?”) is NO – the cult of personality gives way to scripture yet again…

  21. Mosco1 Mosco1

    and them-there mooslim folks can see them-there phonie pop-christian celebs a mile away – dont try and turn this on Caner's critics

  22. @Mosco – There is no restoration where there is no repentance. There
    is no such thing as an unrepentant sinner in right relationship with

  23. Dan Dan

    The issue here is the heart… As you look at the false claims made by this man over and over again for years, the reason for these claims becomes quite clear – to expand his own personal influence and reputation among Christians. He clearly recognized early on the power of a testimony like this – a man with Muslim roots converting to Christianity – and allowed his depravity to lead him to embellishing his story for personal fame and personal gain. It is so easy for the heart to deceive us in these matters… I can almost hear the self-rationalizations can't you? He might have thought, “Well, I do have Muslim roots (somewhat) and if I tweak this story just a touch here and a touch there it will allow me even greater influence for the Gospel of Christ…” But at the end of the day, this is just dishonesty plain and simple, no matter how noble the reason. Old Dr. Bob Jones Sr. once said, “It is never right to do wrong in order to get a chance to do right.”

    Repentance is in order, and if this professor will humble himself, admit his sin, he might still be able to lead students toward a most valuable life lesson – how to get right with God. He has a chance to be like King David of old, and I pray this may be his legacy.

  24. Shamgar Shamgar

    I think you missed the point. Dr Caner was president of liberty seminary. The point was that the board didn't mention that, and instead chose to label him as “dean”. I'm not sure you can read too much into that, but the original poster seems to think it is significant, and suggests a desire to downplay it.

  25. Shamgar Shamgar

    There *were* attempts to restore him gently. He responded with denials and with attacks against those who tried to clear those matters up. He failed to come clean and speak the truth, and continued to hide behind a wall of silence on the matter.

    Because of that, more and more things have come out. I wonder, would you still say these same things about Ted Haggard and Jimmy Swaggart and others? All of them sinned, and all of them at least had the courage to confess their sin (once caught anyway) publicly, and did so (at least presumably) because they recognized that they had a very public life that impacted many people – and really the entire church and most of all the reputation of Jesus Christ himself.

    Is Caner any different in that regard?

  26. Shamgar Shamgar

    I agree that some people are being excessive in their responses, however I don't think you're making much effort to really understand what people are trying to say in some cases. Like liberty being empty. As I read it, it's not a vengeful response, but rather comes as a result of seeing that the school seems to care little for honesty and integrity, and as such is bringing shame on the name of Christ. In that sense, it is not so wrong to not want them to infect more people with that mentality.

    I do not need to decide punishment, but I believe we do have biblical expectations for what constitutes repentance, and that has not been met. If that has not been met, there cannot be restoration. Ergun made some very broad claims, many of which were noted as being demonstrably false, and yet only a few were mentioned in this statement. Given Liberty's response, I don't think we can simply take their word for it that he apologized sufficiently.

    Ergun sinned publicly — very publicly. He needs to confess those areas that he lied about specifically and take responsibility for it, and repent. Until then for all we know he's only apologized for one or two of the things that have come up and is hoping to continue to capitalize on the rest, completely unrepentant for them.

    Until we know that is not the case, and until he has the moral courage to confess his error and seek forgiveness publicly we cannot grant it. It has been, and continues to be, that God would convict him of this, and that he would come forward. As bad as this is, his story could be a wonderful one of forgiveness and restoration. But for that to be a genuine display of Christian love – his repentance has to come first. Otherwise it's just hypocrisy.

  27. vaexpress17 vaexpress17

    Personally this is complete bull shit. as a former liberty student and being removed from the university for one mistake that i made on a relapse, i have now lost all respect for this bull shit university. I was honest with the university going into it. i did not fabricate some lie to make me seem special or to achieve a better standing with them. Ergun Caner should be removed entirely if this so called “university for Christ” wants to stand next to their mission statement.

  28. Holden Caufield Holden Caufield

    Ergun should get in touch with James Frey, author of “A Million Little Pieces”. They used similar approaches in relaying personal histories.

  29. Tonystimson Tonystimson

    Dan who are you to be all self righteous. And who talks like that anymore? King David of Old, Old Dr. Bob Jones Sr. that is offensive. Anyways all you gossipers and slanders below should take advice from your own words and stop the deceit in your own heart. What was it the log in my eye and the splinter in yours? Oh wait switch that!!! I thought blogs were for intelligent conversation and writing. But I sadly see it is just another way for fake Christians and gossipers to spread hate and malice. Wake up and serve God stop with all this nashing of the teeth there will be plenty of that in Hell.

  30. I've sent an inquiry to one of the LU folks who was part of the investigation. I asked for a definition of “factual statements.” Some seem to be confused about what this term means. Some think it means a “true statement” however, as I understand it, a factual statement is one that may be either true or false.

    Can anyone at LU get in contact with the right people to get a clarification on this?

    Also, some are saying Caner was not removed as Dean, but that his contract simply was not renewed. Uh….ok.

    Another thing that is strange in all of this. Most people do some form of editing for their writing and prepare in some manner for public speaking, TV presentations, etc. Am I to understand that for ~9 years Dr. Caner went around speaking in different venues never having prepared or thought through what he was going to say, write, etc.?

  31. Ihavenotsinned! Ihavenotsinned!

    You are absolutely right. The lies of Ergun Caner should cost him his job. No student could lie like Caner and get away with it.

    According to God and Jesus Christ, as found in Revelation 21, 22, Caner is headed for the lake of fire, unless he repents. He is a LIAR!!!!

  32. Ihavenotsinned! Ihavenotsinned!

    If you have a problem with calling Caner to repentance, then take it up with God and Jesus Christ.

    They are the ones making the statements. Read Revelation 21:8 and 22:15. Both God and Jesus claim that liars are outside and destined for the lake of fire.

    Do Dan and others, myself included, call Caner to repentance, and we are self righteous. No, my friend, you are self righteous. We are only restating the words of God.

  33. Ihavenotsinned! Ihavenotsinned!

    Liberty University owes every student that has ever been kicked out of the school for “sinning” against its handbook an apology. Since they can keep the unethical, immoral, lying Caner in school, they should have kept all of the other “sinners” in school.

  34. Pigs_have_flown Pigs_have_flown

    He came to the US at age 3. If he went to Turkey as a child, it was apparently before then. This is not just a “missed date.”

  35. Bonjon4jc Bonjon4jc


    Thank you. Your post seems to be the most reasonable I have read so far. It is a shame that so many have resorted to name calling and judging. For myself, all I can say is that I am saddened by the news (as I am sure everyone else is).

    I do not know what to believe at this point. I have taken Dr. Caner twice now and found him to be terrific in the Apologetics course but found him to be arrogant and biased in the Baptist History course. I chose to overlook his predispositions and preunderstandings since I have biases of my own.

    I have not heard him state that he had been trained as a Jihadist. I do not know whether those allegations are true; but, if they are, then he knowingly did a dispicable thing.

    Finally, I choose to wait and pray. I pray that the whole truth and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH become known. When it is, I pray that all concerned will follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

    Again, thank you for a well-reasoned and compassionate post.

    God Bless,

  36. Anonymous 2 Anonymous 2

    Guys…come on now. Ergun Caner is a human being just like the rest of us. And we're all here berating him and saying he's an awful person. Well Ergun Caner may have lied, but who hasnt? “May the person that has never sinned throw the first stone.” What about all the GOOD things that Ergun Caner has done at Liberty? Are we just gonna forget all of that because he made a mistake? Granted, he is in a leadership position and as such he needs to be honest with the people he is ministering to. I'm not saying Ergun Caner shouldn't be punished for his actions, but cut him some slack guys…he is a man who has lead many people to Christ. Comments like “liars deserve to burn in the lake of fire” are incredibly unchristian; God forgives EVERYBODY, even Ergun Caner. We're treating him like he's some deity who needs to be publicly punished for sinning. I say that anyone who posted any negative comments need to remove the plank from their eye before removing the speck from Ergun Caner's eye.

  37. liarliarpantsonfire liarliarpantsonfire

    Have you read Geisler's comments of support for Caner? He states that Caner has been exonerated of all of the false charges made against him. What a joke.

    Caner is a liar. And Geisler is a fool. Both will burn in the lake of fire for telling lies and not repenting. Christianity is a joke if these guys are the best Christians can produce.

  38. Go State Go State

    I am a Christian, but I went to a public university and there was PLENTY of sin there. I am a sinner. And, I have never lost sight that everyone else I have ever met is a sinner too. Maybe that is actually a PLUS that I never though about when attending a sinful public university? Living in the real and ugly “world” actually makes you not lose sight of the sin that is there. Living in the real and ugly world is a constant reminder of what NOT to do — what NOT to become. And… in the “real world” there are definite consequences for your actions.

    Sure… It is very easy to sin. It is indeed far better NOT to preach about NOT sinning and NOT sin than to preach about NOT sinning and sin. And yet, WE ARE ALL SINNERS! And there are indeed consequences for sin. There are ramifications for our actions. Thank you Jesus for cleaning my slate… but I realize sin hurts and has ramifications in the world.

    Public university tends to teach you that. 😉

    What saddens me most for LU is the OBVIOUS damage and controversy I see within the current and potential university students. I feel like I should have put on some kevlar as I was reading some of the “Christian” arguments here. I am not seeing points being made with love *at all*. There certainly isn't a lack of stearn judgement. Wow… and I thought Christ was the only sinless man to walk the earth.

    But back to the consequences for the sin…. I gather there is some sort of “code of conduct” at LU, and if students are held to this code of conduct, I firmly believe Profs, Deans, etc etc (whatever you want to call administration) should be held to the same code of conduct.

    And it is unfortunate that the University “panel of 4” will not give more of a statement as to WHY they concluded what they concluded. Details kinda' help. Information sharing to the general student population helps. After all, so many people adored Caner, it is mind boggling to me that the LU cannot see what a public relations fiasco this is on so many levels.

    The truth will come out. It always does.

    This too shall pass.

  39. Anonymous 2 Anonymous 2

    So…what you're saying is that you've never lied before? Or even sinned for that matter? This whole “burn in the lake of fire”thing is a little extreme, dont you think?
    I'm not saying Ergun Caner is innocent; he did lie to a lot of people about some major things. But i do know that if Jesus were around today, he wouldn't be posting hateful comments about anybody on the internet. Just saying…

  40. Klgenung Klgenung

    I agree with so many of you…..Liberty is a Christian school, and I truly feel like he should be removed altogether. These are more than misstatements. If we plagerized, or did something even half as bad we would face being kicked out of school. Heck if we watched an “R” rated movie and got the full amount of reps for it we would lose our scholarships. So I do not understand how Liberty can justify just removing Caner as president.

    Can we say double standard?!?!?!? And on top of it, Caner taught THEOLOGY of all things……the study of the BIble, and the beliefs that we have, and our beliefs (well at least mine, I had Caner for Theo 1 and 2) are being at least partly shaped by a man who will lie about how, where, and when he was raised.

    I understand he was muslim and was saved as a teen, but those two basic facts are NOT enough to just completely make up your testimony. That would be like me making up some fantastic, dramatic story of how I was saved by using the 2 facts that my mom was an alcoholic and my parents were divorced just to try to win people to Christ……does not make sense to me…….If I had heard Caner's testimony and that was what got me to realize the truth about Christ and then I found out he lied about everything, I would question what I truly believed.

    LU SHOULD FIRE CANER……I am just glad I am an alumni, LU has changed since I began there in 2005

  41. Klgenung Klgenung

    I completely agree!!!! I am sorry you were removed from LU…..I think their basic standards are good, but they need to look at each situation…PLUS if you are going to kick students out with no compassion or mercy you need to do the same for staff.

    Not to mention, LU is so different than it was 5 years ago or more, they need to go back to old standards and gain mercy…what is the point in having rules if noone inforces them….what is the point in having dress code if you go to the chancellors senior picnic and girls are in Tiny bikini's…..seriously????

  42. Klgenung Klgenung

    As a student of Dr. Caner's I feel like he owes all former students an apology….also he was a Pastor, he preached every single week (well when he wasn't traveling) for the past 3 years…..that is a pastor…He was the example for thousands of college students. Is that the example we want to be given…NO…I was on hall leadership and if my RA or SLD or another Prayer Leader did that, lied about their testimony of all things, they would have been in huge trouble and would lose the respect from other leaders and everyone on their hall.

    I had Caner for Theology 1 and 2 and personally I feel like I was taught by someone whose whole perspective was a lie. My former roommate is a muslim from Pakistan. She was in his class, and NO WONDER she did not agree with a lot of what he has said about the Islam religion. She was completely turned off by him, and that hindered her possible salvation…He set an awful example, and he NEEDS to apologize publicly, because his lies were not just to LU as an institution but he lied to everybody who took his class or heard him preach.

  43. guest guest

    Teaching curriculum with his spin on ALL OF IT not to mention we didn't even have a textbook, it was all his information that we printed out that not really a reliable curriculum.

  44. BT BT

    Ah, you all are just a bunch of “Extreme Muslims or Calvinists”? Have you seen the new cover up over at Norman Giesler's site?

    Instead of dealing with the evidence, big name leaders are just going to sweep this one under the rug. I guess it is OK to stand behind pulpits all over America and tell lies as long as people come to Jesus.

    Giestler is Chair of Veritas Seminary now and guess who else teaches there:–s… (you'll see Ergun's mug in that list)

  45. Wzimmerman Wzimmerman

    Hey Dick Weed – President and Dean in this instance are synonymous.

  46. Wzimmerman Wzimmerman

    And if you knew shit about the ranking of professor, you'd not do so much as diminish the title.

  47. Jfjoyner3 Jfjoyner3

    To: for Him alone. You are writing as if this is a site frequented by disciples of Jesus who's teachings were in some part mediated to us by Peter. I have never before visited this site and do not care much about the details of this controversy, but I am curious what makes you think the e-visitors here are Spirit-filled followers of Jesus. A ten minute review of this site persuades me that you have misunderstood the purpose of the followers of this web site, on which you (and now I) have posted. So, I have joined you in wasting a few minutes posting to a site frequented by those who are like the young man who screamed and cussed at me today when I yielded and paused for a young mother who stepped out too quickly into downtown traffic. Shall we move on?

  48. Mwhess Mwhess

    I am a student in religion and psychology at Liberty University. My biggest problem with this entire debacle is the way I heard about this situation. A blurb on the LU website stating that a new interim Dean of School of Theology has been named. The school has handled this very poorly. Many posts here have slammed the school. Liberty University has changed in the last two years. The new professors are a far cry from others who have been there much longer. They “seem” to be more interested in the increase in student population than the quality of the experience. On the other hand, no institution is perfect, and I have learned a great deal from my time at Liberty. Have I been taught lies? No, I don't think so. I have a brain and a Bible and the ability to critically think about everything I read and hear. A university teaches its students more about how to think, research and communicate than applying the action of indoctrination. I have never been corrected in any paper for my thoughts on doctrine.
    The only issue I have with the University is their lack of clarity and candor.

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