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Liberty University to distribute over $15 million in federal funds to eligible students

Liberty University announced on Wednesday that they will distribute all $15.2 million in federal funds that they received from the CARES act to students.

The CARES Act requires institutions to provide at least 50 percent of funds directly to students. However, Liberty University made the decision to provide all of the funds to students in a variety of ways.

“When we first learned of the CARES Act funds, there was no question among the administration that the entirety of the funds would go directly to our students,” Liberty University President Jerry Falwell said. “When we were forced to transition to all online learning, many of our students incurred unexpected costs and some did not make full use of on-campus services for which they paid. We also know that many students and their families are struggling right now with job loss and other pandemic-related expenses. These emergency grants help students address their financial challenges and help them plan for their futures.”




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