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Today, Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr., announced that Liberty University will be awarding Donald Trump an honorary doctorate in business during its Convocation on Monday, September 24, 2012. Mr. Trump will then deliver a wide-ranging address to a record-breaking audience of North American evangelicals discussing success and politics, the role of faith in society, and the particular contribution that this generation of young people can, and must, make to preserve freedom in America. Mr. Trump and Chancellor Falwell will then hold a press conference immediately following the Convocation.


Chancellor Falwell issued the following statement regarding Donald Trump’s visit to Liberty University: “Donald Trump has publicly expressed his support for Liberty University in our commitment to preserve the founding values of our nation. In the wake of the greatest expansion of government since FDR, Mr. Trump stepped right into the bull’s-eye and used his platform to fight for the preservation of capitalism, the free enterprise system, and limited government. He did numerous speeches, called out the president and congress by name, and was willing to say publicly what many conservatives were only saying privately. Trump is one of the nation’s foremost proponents of fiscal conservatism, a value upon which this university, and our Schools of Law, Business, and Government, are staunchly committed, and have always been committed. A proponent of these values is a friend of Liberty University.”



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  1. @lumikey @lumikey

    Has nothing to do with the fact he is rich & could give to university right? And when did fighting for capitalism trump (no pun intended) witnessing for Christ or promoting Christian values?

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