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McCain talks to Jonathan ahead of Virginia primary

jonathanf.jpgConservative Christian leaders in Virginia have been fairly quiet about the state’s presidential primaries Tuesday, but the Republican candidates haven’t forgotten them.

The Rev. Jonathan Falwell told the Associated Press that he had talked with John McCain within the past 24 hours. Falwell said he wasn’t ready to endorse a candidate, but wanted to hear more from the Arizona senator on the issues.

“I look forward to seeing what McCain’s plan is to unite the party,” Falwell said, “and to see what he has to say in the coming days on the social agenda.”

Falwell said he wanted to hear McCain’s ideas on national security, the economy and “how to protect human life and traditional marriage.” He also said he was interested in the Arizona senator’s ideas on Supreme Court nominees.

His brother, Jerry Falwell Jr., endorsed Mike Huckabee in November when the former Arkansas governor visited Liberty University.

Quotes from the Associated Press



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