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  1. Stephen Stephen

    Learn how to use proper grammar and stop spreading rumors. It makes Liberty Students look stupid and ignorant.

  2. admin admin

    So sorry, it was our mistake

  3. Holden Holden

    Likely this should facilitate yet more Ergun Caner entries on, to add to the current collection.

  4. LUalum02 LUalum02

    Journalistic Integrity would dictate that you include that the “rumors” to which you refer were started by this very website.

  5. We are very sorry, but these were just rumors we received. We were questioning the story as well. Sorry again.

  6. Ryan Ryan

    You could always just write a story that mentions you were making factual statements that were self contradictory. It “worked” for Liberty in regards to the whole Ergun Caner situation.

  7. Jimbo Jimbo

    I come here for news about the Ergun Caner situation because they aren’t LU. So you guys flipping out about “rumors” need to calm down, or you can just go start your own campus news service. I for one am glad that the rumor he was leaving wasn’t completely true, as I still have hopes that he’ll make a public apology to the student body.

  8. Jimbo Jimbo

    You do know that they got it their info from people who work at LU with Dr. Caner, right? There aren’t many better sources out there. Hence the label “rumor”, as they don’t want to cause the individual(s) that they received the tip from to be fired.

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