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To be clear, regarding the recent report from Baylor regarding an alleged sexual assault in 2012, it is important to note that at the time Baylor did not have a Title IX office, provide Title IX education or have policies or procedures for handling or reporting allegations of sexual assault.

Mr. McCaw was faced with a complex situation wherein he desired to honor the wishes of the alleged victim, who was unwilling to speak to the police according to her coach, and a request from her coach for guidance as to where he should go with information he had obtained in 2013 about this incident. Mr. McCaw responsibly directed the head coach to the Office of Judicial Affairs, which handles student conduct matters, and was the appropriate venue to take such an allegation.

Legendary former Baylor Head Coach and Athletic Director Grant Teaff said, “Ian’s high level of accomplishment as an athletic director is recognized nationwide and well appreciated by the various university constituencies at Baylor. His character and integrity also make him a great fit for Liberty University.” Teaff served as Executive Director of the American Football Coaches Association for 22 years and is currently its Emeritus Executive Director.

Current Baylor Regent Jay Allison added, “Ian McCaw is a fine man with a record of success during his time here at Baylor. I am confident he will prove to be an outstanding athletic director for Liberty.”

President Falwell also received numerous other statements in support of Ian, attesting to his honesty and integrity, some verbal, others in writing, including Regents at Baylor University who worked with Ian and know him well.

For example, here are two messages received by President Falwell from Regents at Baylor:

1) “President Falwell… I am a Regent at Baylor University. I wanted to congratulate both you and Liberty University for your recent selection of Ian McCaw as Athletic Director. Along with the other regents, I was very involved in all of the painful discussion, as well as the ultimate decisions by the Board of Regents throughout this

very difficult journey at Baylor. However, I am strongly convinced beyond any reservation whatsoever that Ian McCaw is a deeply committed Christian who has consistently lived his life with integrity, honesty and purity before God. He is, and has been throughout all of this period, a man of great Christian character. He is a trustworthy man who will do the right thing. In my opinion, his circumstance was very different from the others who were affected by this tragedy. My personal view is that the Lord has moved Ian from Baylor to Liberty through this sad chapter in Baylor’s history.”

2) “Jerry Falwell… the purpose of my email is to say congratulations to you and Liberty University for hiring Ian McCaw. When I heard of this decision my immediate thought was what a great match for both parties. Ian is an incredible Athletic Director which is well documented by several of the awards he has earned during his years at Baylor University. Of course an even better sign of his success is the dramatic improvement in the entire Athletic program at Baylor during his years. If you look at the improvement it not only was in all sports on the field but includes the academic record of students, the quality of coaches hired, and the facilities built under his direction. In my opinion, one of the keys to Ian’s success is he is a dedicated Christian and he recognized the importance of hiring Christian coaches that would be aligned with the mission of our University. Great hires, followed up by building a solid and lasting relationship with the coaches resulted in coaching longevity and improvement in their sport. He will do the same for Liberty University!

I also would like to share with you some of the reasons I respect and admire Ian McCaw personally. He is remarkable in many ways and yet remains a quiet humble leader. These are great traits for a leader! Early in his career at Baylor I had the chance to meet him and spend a few minutes with him. Several months later when I saw him again and I was ready to introduce myself but he immediately greeted me personally with my name and said it was nice to see me again. Over the years one by one he used this skill to build personal relationships with a huge network of “Baylor Nation”. At the same he has also taken the time to be closely involved with his family’s life. One example of this is that Ian and his wife were involved in developing Live Oak Classical School as a successful Christian school in Waco.

Finally, the most remarkable observation I can share about Ian is how he has handled his departure from Baylor. Frankly, it is a testimony of his relationship with our Lord! In spite of the tremendous pain he and his family have to have experience he made a selfless decision to leave Baylor. Since then he has quietly continued to support the University not only showing no bitterness but rather love and gratitude for what Baylor did for him. On May 30th I sent Ian a text message telling him I would be praying Ephesians 3: 14-20 for him. That prayer ends saying God is able to do more than we can ask or dream beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts or hopes! I believe Ian has opened his heart and soul to our Lord and that has been realized in his life.

Thank you for hiring Ian and providing him this tremendous opportunity. You are being used by our Lord as a significant part of answering my prayers for Ian and his family.



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